Sample Asylum Interview Notice

This document is an asylum interview notice from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This notice tells you when and where your asylum interview will be. The asylum interview is one of the last stages of the USCIS asylum process. During your interview, an asylum officer will ask you questions about your asylum case.

If you are applying for asylum with USCIS, you will eventually receive this asylum interview notice in the mail. If you are applying for asylum in immigration court, you will not receive this notice since that is a different process.

You need to bring this notice with you to your asylum interview. Please read any instructions that are attached to this notice. The instructions have the most current information.

You should try your best to go to your asylum interview at the scheduled time. However, if you cannot attend your interview, you can request to reschedule your interview. You can write the reason why you cannot go in the bottom left box on your notice. When you are done, make a copy or take a photo for your records. Then, you can mail it to the asylum office listed on your asylum interview notice. Your request needs to arrive before the date of your scheduled interview.

To learn more, you can watch this video about when your asylum interview is, and this video about what happens during the asylum interview. Read more about the process of seeking asylum with USCIS.

This information is not intended to be legal advice.